Management Was Also Required To Come Up With Sound Mitigation To Address The Noise Concerns Raised By Surrounding Residents.

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The restaurant came to the brink of losing its use permit due to the variety of issues raised by residents in 2014, before officials agreed to use expanded preferential parking permits for the neighborhoods affected by those parking to eat or work at Tai Wu. Management was also required to come up with sound mitigation to address the noise concerns raised by surrounding residents. The nearly 11,370-square-foot restaurant opened in 2011, with three floors available to accommodate diners. Many critics of the eatery have questioned how it was allowed to begin operations without offering adequate parking on its property. To address the costs of the resolving frustrations raised by residents, owners were previously asked to pay $14,000 for work to fix non-compliance issues. Many of the conditions required to be met by the restaurant for an extension of the use permit match those initially granted when officials last approved operations in 2014. lease for 30 spaces from Burger King is set to expire in July 2017, so 45 days before the deal goes away the restaurant is expected to author a parking update to examine the effectiveness of its satellite program. Should the Burger King agreement expire and adequate accommodations not be identified in lieu of the lost spaces, the restaurant would be forced to lower its capacity by 38 patrons. If parking availability drops or adequate parking is not secured, the seating capacity would be reduced, according to the report. City staff is recommending the Planning Commission approve extending the use permit, under the special conditions identified addressing parking.

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