They Loved Each Other So Much, Campbell Said.

Wade also must serve 24 hours in jail, seven years on probation and pay an $800 fine. She was sentenced as a first offender, meaning if she successfully completes her sentence she wont have a felony record. Laura Campbell, Nixons mother, tearfully talked about her pain and how close her daughter was to Wade. She said her family didnt want Wade to be prosecuted. They loved each other so much, Campbell said. If her daughter was standing with her, Campbell said, she would want you to know how much she loves MeMe and theres no way I could consider this anything but an accident. Looking through her daughters room in the past year, Campbell said she found notes exchanged between the two friends. They talked about their futures, growing up and meeting husbands and living on the same street, raising children together as their mothers had, she said. Our families go back many generations, Campbell said, explaining that she and Wades mother had been best friends, and the mothers fathers and grandparents also had been best friends. If I had it my way, wed all be sitting on the same side of the room. I am so sorry On that morning, Dec.

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